How to resolve conflicts so that the inclusion/exclusion numbers are correct  


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16/09/2017 10:01 am  

How do I override as the key researcher the inclusion/exclusion decisions of a collaborator? I am trying to resolve the conflicts 

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18/09/2017 10:28 am  

Currently, there is no way to override decisions of other collaborators. The recommended way is to ask them to change their decisions. If you think it is a required feature please create an idea to collect votes on

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21/03/2019 4:15 pm  

Suggestion to work around this issue is:

1. The third reviewer must control the blind mode

2. Turn off the blind mode

3. Find the conflicts with the conflict filter

4. Make the vote only in those with conflicts.

Now, the issue will the be how to export those included. There is no filter to identify the two votes out of three! Therefore, the export should have 2 steps.

1. Filter the included then export the filtered only.

2. Filter the included and the third reviewer only simultaneously then export the filtered only.

3. Merge the two files in your reference manager.

Let's rock n roll.

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