Glitch with author names containing 'and'  


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08/11/2018 6:37 am  

There is a glitch importing references from Endnote into Rayyan, using a txt file, for author names that contain the letters 'and'.

I've imported two different txt files into two different Rayyan reviews and it's happened both times. 

For example, the author list for a reference by Handley, M. Bunn, F. and Goodman, C. appears as  , H    ley, M.    Bunn, F.    Goodman, C. in Rayyan. 

It adds a comma and space before the first letter, spaces where the 'and' should be, and then the rest of the surname.

The txt file lists Handley correctly, so it's a problem that occurs between the txt file and Rayyan.

Has anyone else noticed this problem?

It's not a big deal but thought it was worth pointing out in case it can be easily rectified.

Jessica Dagerhamn
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11/04/2019 9:13 am  

I've noticed it in EndNote, but never in Rayyan

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03/06/2019 12:51 pm  

I have the same problem. Rayyan seems to interpret "and" as the end of an authors name and adds a second autohr for the latter part of the name.
Nylander, Stina -> Nyl; der, S;
Tholander, Jakob -> Thol; der, J;


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